why we are looking for it ?

This is the most important question which we need to understand because why it is so and what it is so that i said every one is looking for single end goal whether they realize it or not but why , is the answer to move close towards it.

Suffering is the primary motive working here, but there could be many another but for the sake simplicity am i considering single motive ?, i would say yes and no , because suffering is not itself simple to explain and it is not even referring to single thing or action.

So, now the big question is , what is Suffering ?
is it something we don’t want or desire ? is it love, hate or both , is it hope , despair or both. Pretty confused ?

What is Moksha or Liberation ?

The question is not about understanding the meaning of Moksha but understanding the underlying concepts of liberating your state of mind.

Moksha, also called vimoksha, vimukti and mukti, is a term in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism which refers to various forms of emancipation, enlightenment, liberation, and release



is not just a word discovered by saints or sadhus but it is rather superficial part of every one’s life. Believe it or not everyone around is working towards single end goal called moksha.

But it is more important to understand that how simply we choose to ignore it and consider one of our milestones as our end goal of life.

Beauty is no matter how many time haven’t we wondered why we are not happy to achieve something that we were longing for so long or why success comes with sadness of being getting over or why it is so hard to come to an end.

Think again & i hope you will realize that they ain’t the real end goals but Moksha.

Now coming back to the question What is Moksha or Liberation ? Short answer is letting go off any thing you are attached with is one step towards it.

And we will look for Long answer together with coming articles.